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$15 CashBack Play Online

$15 CashBack Play Online

Lottery may be one of the oldest games in the world, but it also undergone a number of changes over the years. These days, you can find a wide array of lottery games, each with their own structure, set of rules and prizes that can be quite impressive. The evolution of the online lottery industry has also paved the way for some unique and interesting games that can be played nowadays. One option that all lottery players can enjoy is the Grand Dragon Lottery (GD Lotto), which is a popular 4-digits number game in different countries of Asia. It is played in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam as well and has become immensely popular because of some of its features.

Keputusan Grand Dragon Lotto

GD Lotto is committed to providing people with the most secure and transparent lottery game they can play. This is one of the top reasons why they choose to livestream their lottery draws, which are conducted at the headquarters located at Chreythom, Kandal Province. The lottery machines are placed at the center of the casino lobby in order to ensure that the draws remain transparent and can be seen by any member of the public. Their purpose is to aid people in participating in the lottery with ease and get a chance to change their lives drastically.

One of the top reasons why GD Lotto is popular is because it offers players exciting and fun games and have designed them by keeping the welfare of players in mind. High standards have been implemented in order to ensure that the process is fair. Apart from that, GD Lotto is aware that in today’s technologically advanced world, all players are now looking for convenience. The distance and transportation barriers are nothing but a hassle when playing the lottery in the traditional method.

Play the GD Lotto at Your Convenience

Therefore, Grand Dragon Lottery has introduced the option of online and mobile lottery to make it easy for everyone to participate in their draws. As a matter of fact, they want to be the first ones to offer Mobile 4D betting and have made all the efforts to accomplish this goal. You can download their app from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, depending on the phone you are using.

Not only can you use the applications for participating the lottery game, but they also enable you to watch the draw results live, no matter where you are and this is a huge perk for participants.

It is believed that the 4D lottery game was first introduced in 1951 in Kedah, but since then, the game has spread far and wide and can now be played in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia and more. Furthermore, the lottery appeals to players because making profits is not the only aim of the Grand Dragon Lottery. They believe in giving back to the society and people and they are very passionate about doing so. Their goal is to create hope and find a way to fulfill the needs of the people in the best possible way. Consequently, a portion of the earnings through the sale of lottery tickets is given out to different charities.

Moving onto the game, when you decide to participate in the GD Lotto, you will be faced with five betting choices and the risk and rewards associated with each of these options can vary. The first betting choice that you can go for is 4D Big, which is the big package option and requires playing to match the 4D number with the entire 23 winning results. For every $1 that is invested in this particular betting choice, players can with a first prize worth $2,500, second prize worth $1,000, third prize worth $500, a Starter prize of $200 and a Consolation Prize of $60.

The second betting choice is 4D Small and the winning 4D number has to be matched with the numbers of the first, second and third prize.

One unique thing about this betting choice is that its first prize is higher than the big package as its payout is $3,500. The second and third prize for this betting choice are $2,000 and $1,000 respectively. The third betting choice is called 4D A and is also referred to as the 4D Single A package that requires players to match all four numbers to take the first prize, which is a whopping $6,000. The fourth betting choice is the 3D ABC Package and the winning number’s last three digits are used for matching the 4D number in the first, second and third prize. Using this betting choice, you can win a first prize of $250, a second prize of $210 and a third prize of $150.

The last betting choice that can be used by players is called 3D A and the first 4D prize number and the last three digits of the winning number need to match in this option. The top prize that can be won in this option is worth $660. The position of numbers is decided by drawing balls with alphabets ranging from A to W. For instance, if D is drawn, then the upcoming number set is for position D. A number combination is formed by drawing balls with a number on it from all four of the lottery machines, which are 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D respectively. The numbers that are drawn from each machine form the number combination.

However, in order to decide the first, second and third prize, another draw is made. From a total of 13 balls that are labeled from A to M, three balls are drawn. The good news is that the prizes can be paid out immediately. This means that if players have watched the draw live and have won a prize, they can file a claim instantly. As GD Lotto has introduced various payment methods, you will have no trouble in claiming your winnings and will have them with you in no time at all. Other than that, there is also a chance of winning the Bonus Jackpot when you play the Grand Dragon Lottery.

The purpose of GD Lotto is to provide lottery players with exciting, creative and unique features that can make the game more thrilling for them and the Bonus Jackpot is one such feature. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most innovative Bonus systems to be developed up till now and involves an accumulating bonus. Not only does it give every winner a chance to win a higher amount, but the bonus can also be rolled over so another player can also get a shot at it. How does the bonus system work?

Before the Grand Dragon Lottery comes to an end, there are a total of 13 positions for Special Prizes, which range from A to M and any one of these can be fixed as the bonus position such as A. When the draw is held for the first, second and third prize and A is drawn for the third prize, it means that players have won the Small Bonus. But, if A is drawn for determining the second prize, players get the Big Bonus and if it is drawn for the first prize, a Super Bonus is awarded to the winner. In the case of Super Bonus, the payout is 1st prize plus 100% of the jackpot pool, in the big bonus you get 2nd prize plus 50% of the jackpot pool and last, the small bonus gets third prize plus 30% of the bonus pool.

Something that players should bear in mind is that they can only get access to the Bonus jackpot system if they are using betting choices 4D Big and 4D Small. In addition, the minimum bet that’s placed for the 4D number should not be less than USD 1 or the equivalent in other currencies. For every USD 1 put in for every 4D number, you will get 1 unit share of the bonus and you get 2 units of share if you spend more than USD 1.99. Moreover, it should also be noted that if the bonus jackpot is won by more than one player, which includes the Small Bonus, Big Bonus and Super Bonus, then the prizes will be equally divided amongst all winners.

Since the Grand Dragon lottery has chosen to tap into the technological advancements and offers the convenience of playing the lottery across multiple platforms and devices, it is also aware of the risks. Lottery scams have become commonplace these days and people end up losing a lot of money due to which they often hesitate when participating. In order to reassure players, the Grand Dragon Lottery has implemented a Zero Lottery Scam system. It is a secure, safe and tested mechanism that has been designed to encrypt all financial transactions that take place. This means that you can share your financial information without any hesitation as it is being safeguarded and cannot be accessed by unauthorized individuals or third parties.

The privacy of their customers is also a priority for the GD Lotto as they are aware that not everyone is comfortable with sharing their activities with others. To accomplish this, GD Lotto has taken necessary steps and kept all data private. It is not just their personal information that Grand Dragon Lottery cares about; they are also concerned with their money. They are aware of gambling addiction and do not encourage players to spend more than they can afford on games. They always instruct and advice gamers to play responsibly because there is always a risk of losing.

They discourage people from spending money when they already have a problem and have also provided information to help them in identifying signs of a gambling addiction. Grand Dragon Lottery provides funding support to those who have a gambling problem and they also have a 24-hour hotline that can be called to speak to trained and live counselors about a problem.

Educational sessions are also organized regularly and funds are provided for increasing program awareness. All their lottery products promote the message of ‘Playing Responsibly’ to encourage people in seeking help if they need it.

You can easily participate in the GD Lotto online through our website or even the app. This is hugely beneficial for the players because it saves them from the hassle of having to go out to buy tickets; they can do it right from the comfort of their home. The draw can also be watched live on your smartphone or other platforms and claiming the prize is also a very simple process. It doesn’t take more than a day for players to have access to their prize and there are a number of ways that you can make and receive payments when you are playing this game.

The key to win the prize is to choose the best possible numbers. Even though it is said that the draws are conducted randomly, there are some numbers that are chosen more often than others. You can easily check the past draw results on the GD Lotto website and see if you can highlight the numbers that tend to be drawn more frequently. The statistics can be very useful in helping you pick the best possible numbers and can increase your chances of winning. If you don’t want to use this tactic, you can choose the numbers that are significant to you.

These can be birthdays, addresses or other important numbers and occasions such as lucky numbers. In addition, the GD Lotto also gives you the option of using the Quick Pick option, in which a machine generates the numbers, meaning they are all random. You can use this option whether you are playing online or in-store and play completely random numbers that just might be winners. Hence, participating in the GD Lotto can help you in winning great prizes and you also contribute to good causes, which is a win-win situation.